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How Does Dehumidification Work?

How Does Dehumidification Work?

Posted by Admin on May 28th 2020

If your home feels moist or you notice excessive water drops forming on the inside of your windows, then it’s likely you have a humidity problem. Some other signs of higher than average humidity are mold and mildew on the walls, sour smells and noticeably rotting wood. This excess moisture can cause problems for your health and your property’s structure.

The good news is that dehumidifiers work to resolve your humidity problem. If you’ve never used one, then imagine something similar to a small vacuum that pulls moisture from the air. Dehumidifiers have a dual purpose, one being to remove moisture. The second function of dehumidifiers is to regulate the air temperature, making your home dry and comfortable.

Dehumidifiers work through a process of refrigeration by first pulling the wet air through the machinery’s vent to remove the moisture. Inside the dehumidifier, there is a fan that works to help the air move through the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is what precipitates the water removal from the air in the chamber of your dehumidifier.

Since the evaporator coil is extremely cold, it is the combination of that cold mixed with the warm air that expels the water from the humid air. It’s this reaction that will help to keep your home moisture-free, but that’s not the end of the process.

Once the water droplets have been pulled out of the air they’re drained out of the unit through the drain line. At this point, the cold air is processed over the condenser coils to create warm air again. The air, now free of humidity, is directed throughout your home via your ducts and vents. Dehumidifiers are an easy way to regulate your home’s environment.

There are many reasons why your home may be feeling like a tropical jungle. For instance, if you are using a lot of electrical appliances at once like the dryer and the dishwasher, this will add humidity to the air. You may also have poor ventilation in your home.

If this is the case, then you’re going to want to get a dehumidifier right away. The combination of moisture plus a lack of ventilation will deteriorate the home’s structure over time. If your crawlspace is damp it’s the perfect breeding ground for mold, which can cause serious health problems for you and your family.

Additionally, if your dwelling isn’t properly insulated, then you may also see moisture around door and window frames. Air conditioners that aren’t working properly may also be part of the high humidity problem. Santa Fe dehumidifiers are the solution for every family, to create a dry environment that everyone can enjoy.

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