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What is Stack Effect When it Comes to Your Home?

What is Stack Effect When it Comes to Your Home?

Posted by Admin on Aug 12th 2020

The stack effect is an interesting process that occurs in most homes. It has to do with the flow of air as it moves through a home, which can wind up being detrimental to the house itself, as well as people living in the home. We tend to have small cracks that are present in many areas of our home. Air naturally rises, which means the flow of air is going to be going upwards in your home. It finds these small cracks and escapes out into the open environment, causing a drawing effect on the rest of the home. Air is drawn into the crawlspace under our homes, as this is the area where the air is most easily drawn from. As air enters the home from the crawlspace, it will wind up rapidly cooling down, which can present some problems.

How the Stack Effect Permeates a Home

The reduction of heat creates condensation, which can then cause mold to grow. As air is drawn up from the bottom of the home, mold spores and other microbes circulate into the air we breathe. The presence of these mold spores in the air can have a detrimental effect on the health of everyone living in the home. If anyone in the home has a breathing condition, this could prevent quite a big problem. One of the biggest issues with the health issues that may be delivered through the stack effect is the fact that most people are unaware that this is even going on. The failure to fix the problem can lead to chronic health issues, which is why everyone should be aware of the stack effect.

Humidity and Mold

If you live in an area where it is very humid, you are going to have an increased chance of developing this type of issue. Even if you don't develop medical issues that are a result of the stack effect, dealing with a mold issue can be extremely complicated and a huge financial burden. It can cost many thousands of dollars to remove mold from a home, so taking the time to address the stack effect can be a great financial decision.

Hiring a Professional

If you want to protect your home from the stack effect, you can simply get your crawlspace sealed. The reason for this is the fact that sealing a crawlspace prevents air from being drawn in from the bottom of your home. This cuts off the problem at the root, which should eliminate mold from forming and spores from being circulated into your home. If you think you may have an issue with the stack effect, you can simply hire a professional to come out and evaluate your home. If they detect you have a problem and need to take some preventative action, they will be able to seal your crawlspace and rectify any issues that mold may have caused. Taking action as soon as possible will ensure your family and your home are safe from unwanted contaminants.

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