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5 Ways Dehumidifiers Can Keep Your Family Healthy

5 Ways Dehumidifiers Can Keep Your Family Healthy

Posted by Admin on Jan 15th 2020

Humid Climates Breed Allergens

If you or anyone in your family are allergy sufferers then you know that a humid climate triggers mold and mildew allergies. These triggers, along with dust mites, grow and thrive when the humidity levels in your home are high. Some of the common reactions to allergens are the ever-vexing itching and watering eyes accompanied by a stuffed-up nose. Sneezing and wheezing are common allergy-induced symptoms as well. Many childhood asthma cases are related to allergens in the home.

Dehumidifier Benefits:

Humidity Reduction

Dehumidifiers greatly reduce the level of humidity in your home making it a little less friendly for allergens. Most humidifiers are quiet. They run without disrupting your daily life and make your home much more comfortable.

Odor Reduction

Mold and mildew stink, literally and metaphorically. Installing a dehumidifier will reduce the odor and eliminate the possibility of the mold developing on items in your home such as stored clothing, furniture, and linens. The smell is musty and border on an odor of rot.

Skin and Respiratory Irritation Reduction

High humidity can trigger rashes and skin irritation due to allergens. The reduction of allergens will lower the risk of respiratory problems as well, especially in children. Humid environments can make it uncomfortable to breathe even in people who don't have respiratory issues, this makes dehumidifiers almost essential in the home of asthmatics.

Reduce Rust and Corrosion

Humidity causes many items in your home to rust. You may notice it on everything from your computer equipment to your electronics. Tools and pots and pans will rust quicker in a humid home. Rust is a breeding ground for bacteria that causes tetanus.

Reduction Of Mold and Mildew Spores In Apartments

If you live in an apartment building, you cannot control what travels through your ventilation systems. No matter how clean you keep your living space, mold and mildew spores can get into your apartment through your heating and air conditioning ducts and also build up between the walls.

Good for Your Health and Your Wallet

Dehumidifiers will not increase your energy costs. On the contrary, a dehumidifier can put less strain on your air conditioner and will create an environment where it can run much more efficiently. If the air in your house or apartment is humid then your air conditioning has to work twice as hard to take the moisture out of the air and cool it down. A dehumidifier will serve to add to the longevity of your air conditioning unit. 

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