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Tools & Accessories

  • Insulation Fasteners - 2.5" Depth Insulation Fasteners - 2.5" Depth

    Insulation Fasteners - 2.5" Depth

    These 2.5" insulation fasteners are used to anchor rigid foam insulation board like Bora-Foam to the crawl space foundation walls and require a specialized tool to install.  The plastic anchor comes with the nail already loaded in place and ready to...

    $79.99 - $729.99
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  • Precision Foam Dispenser Gun Precision Foam Dispenser Gun

    Precision Foam Dispenser Gun

    This Precision Foam Dispenser Gun makes the job of applying Pur Stick foam a breeze.    Features: Easy to apply Comfortable Grip Adjustable flow rate knob. Less mess.  Less Waste. Much more efficient method of application than...

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  • ECO Foam Dispenser Gun

    Pageris Eco Foam Dispenser

    This Foam Dispenser Gun works great at applying all the variety of foam products that CrawlSpace Depot offers.   Care Instructions: To ensure the longevity of this product, care must be taken.  Always, turn the adjustable knob to the fully...

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  • Washer Blanks - 19mm

    Washer Blanks - 19mm

    These 19mm metal washer blanks are for use in combination with the 3/4 in nail strips (sold separately) to attach liner to the crawlspace foundation walls and piers.  Compatible with the GX-120 or G3 tool that has the magnetic washer holder...

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  • Nail strips Nail strips

    Concrete Nail Strips

    These 3/4 inch nails are loaded into a compatible nail gun and are used for fastening liner to the walls and piers of the crawl space.  This product is usually paired with our 19 mm washer blanks (sold separately) to create a strong hold. Each strip...

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  • Christmas Tree Fasteners

    Christmas Tree Fasteners

    Christmas Tree Fasteners are a great way to attach the polyethylene liner to the wall. Simply drill a small hole into the wall and push the non-removable fastener through the liner and into the wall. Items come packaged in a resealable bag for easy use...

    $19.99 - $65.99
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  • Liner Staples - 4" x 1" x 4"

    Liner Staples - 4" x 1" x 4"

    Liner staples are a great way to keep the polyethylene floor liner in place while installing it and afterwards.  Otherwise the liner will tend to slide around and pull at the taped seams, especially when someone is crawling across it.  Simply...

    $13.99 - $41.99
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