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Pest Control Supplies

  • Penashield Wood Preservative - Gallon

    Penashield Wood Preservative - Gallon

    Penashield is a penetrating fungicide, termiticide, and wood preservative. Ready-to-use formula fully penetrates the wood. Apply Penashield with a garden sprayer to all structural wood and any other building material surfaces, which can include concrete,...

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  • NPD Boss Eliminator E-512 Misting Applicator Action shot of an application

    NPD Boss Eliminator 4 Gal. Misting Applicator

    4 Gallon - 15L Applicator: Hand Free Operation using TechServ Service Belts, “Controlled Flow Technology” HDP Proximity Tips - For Sars-Co-V2-Covid, Mosquito Contents: 1 - Heavy Duty Harness: With Comfort Belt and Trigger Gun Holster...

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  • Snake Out Snake Repellent - 4 lb

    Snake Out Snake Repellent - 4 lb

    Snake Out can be used anywhere you don’t want snakes to be or any place snakes are a problem. You can apply it around homes, yards, landscaping, gardens, foundations, barns & outbuildings, garages, woodpiles, sheds, campsites—any place...

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  • NPD Quick Battery Charger

    NPD Quick Battery Charger - 120 Volt

    Quick Charger 120V Class 2 Battery Charger 120Volt Model 100 – 240v 50-60hz. 0.8Amps This charger is universal and can be used for the NPD Rechargeable 18 Volt Lithium Ion Battery (sold separately) which is compatible with both the Eliminator...

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