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Adhesives & Foam

  • Polyethylene Sealing Tape - 4" X 180' Polyethylene Sealing Tape - 4" X 180'

    Polyethylene Sealing Tape - 4" X 180'

    A very strong polyethylene adhesive tape, used primarily to bond the seams of polyethylene liner. Can also be used to cover and seal staples. 4" X 180' per roll (actual width 96mm) Download Specification Sheet (PDF)

    $20.70 - $234.00
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  • Roll detail photograph of double sided extra tacky crawl space closing tape. Double Sided Butyl Tape (1.5" x 100')

    Double Sided Butyl Tape (1.5" x 100')

    This product is made of a super tacky butyl rubber that sticks well to most masonry surfaces and also polyethylene.  Being a two sided tape, this will allow you to mount objects on vertical surfaces and will also create a seal.  In some...

    $35.99 - $212.99
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  • Lexel Caulk

    Lexel Caulking Adhesive - Case of 12

    Recommended Use: Premium all-purpose sealant. Use it to create a seal between the wall liner and the interior foundation walls.  Also works great on piers and to seal Bora-Foam to the wall. Application Range of 0* F - 120* F. Product Size:10.5 fl...

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  • Precision Foam Dispenser Gun Precision Foam Dispenser Gun

    Precision Foam Dispenser Gun

    This Precision Foam Dispenser Gun makes the job of applying Pur Stick foam a breeze.    Features: Easy to apply Comfortable Grip Adjustable flow rate knob. Less mess.  Less Waste. Much more efficient method of application than...

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  • ECO Foam Dispenser Gun

    Pageris Eco Foam Dispenser

    This Foam Dispenser Gun works great at applying all the variety of foam products that CrawlSpace Depot offers.   Care Instructions: To ensure the longevity of this product, care must be taken.  Always, turn the adjustable knob to the fully...

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  • Pur Stick foam adhesive

    Todol Pur Stick Foam (20oz) - Can

    Todol Pur Stick Foam - Professional Gun Foam Adhesive Pur Stick is a professional gun-dispensed foaming adhesive. It can be used to create a seal between your Polyethylene liner and the wall surface. It can even be used to seal Bora Foam to the wall as...

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  • IPF Foam

    Todol IPF Foam (22.3oz) - Can

    Todol IPF Foam - Professional Gun Foam Perfect foam for PCO and IPM professionals. Fills cracks, gaps and voids with long-lasting seal. Seals out water, gas, smoke and radon, and stops the passage of most insects and small animals. Will not shrink or...

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  • Todol Pur Black Foam

    Todol Pur Black Foam (27.8oz) - Can

    Todol Pur Black Foam - Professional Gun Foam Adhesive Todol Pur Black expands and bonds in place. It bonds to seal and to stop the passage of air, gases, water, dust fibers, sound, rodents, pests and odors.  The color of the foam is black, so it can...

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  • Todol Foam Starter Kit

    Todol Foam Starter Kit

    The Todol Foam Starter Kit Contains everything you need for sealing joints, cracks, openings, polyethylene liner and Bora-Foam in a crawl space. This is all comes packaged in a convenient carrying case. The Kit Contains:  · Carrying Case for...

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