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  • ATMOX Sensor - Wood Moisture

    ATMOX Sensor - Wood Moisture

    This wood moisture sensor works with an ATMOX controller to provide information on corresponding wood moisture content in the wood of the house. This information is shown on the controller display and can trigger an alert if wood moisture content is too...

  • ATMOX Sensor - Water Alert

    ATMOX Sensor - Water Alert

    The water alert sensor works with an ATMOX controller to provide a notification of a potential water issue in the location of the sensor. It is typically placed by a sump pump or condensate line that could have an issue creating a water backup. The...

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  • ATMOX Supplies Kit – Sensor Cables

    ATMOX Supplies Kit – Sensor Cables

    This kit provides some spare parts for installing or replacing sensors for ATMOX controllers.   This kit includes the following items: - Crimping Tool for RJ11 jacks - Extension cables with couplers (25’) – Quantity 4 - RJ11 Plug for...

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