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How much protection does a vapor barrier provide in our crawl space?

How much protection does a vapor barrier provide in our crawl space?

Posted by Admin on Jan 1st 2020

Here’s the short answer, plenty! Wondering if you should even invest in the time and money needed to install a vapor barrier in your crawl space? Consider this – you may not visit your crawl space all that often, but how you care for it impacts your overall comfort as well as the structural integrity of your home. All that is owed to a closed crawlspace which includes protection provided by the vapor barrier.

Vapor barriers protect against moisture

Moisture management is important for several reasons. Chief among these is air quality. Unchecked moisture creates a hospitable climate for mold growth. Mold is not only unsightly, it also releases spores into the air that reduce air quality. Reduced air quality can impact long-term health. You’ll also enjoy more comfort with effective moisture management. Uncontrolled moisture lowers heating and cooling efficiency. That means higher costs, too. Finally, moisture may eventually warp wood floors and joists leading to expensive repairs.

Guard your home’s inner workings

A closed crawlspace with a vapor barrier can help. If your crawl space houses the HVAC or other important systems that keep your home running smoothly, a vapor barrier can help. Again, the goal is to protect against moisture problems. Moisture in the crawl space can cause rust and corrosion, thus reducing the life or effectiveness of critical systems.

Protect against pests

Rodents especially are attracted to moist areas that offer access to food and warmth. When you fail to protect your crawl space, you are essentially setting out the welcome mat for roaches, rodents, termites and other pests.

Vapor barriers are a good long-term investment

Vapor barriers come in a range of price points, so they fit most budgets. And a variety of thicknesses from 6mil to 20mil. You can also choose from features such as reinforced for more durability.

Closing a crawlspace is a multi-day job, with the installation of a vapor barrier taking an afternoon, but the protection they offer lasts far longer. Take this step to protect home air quality, improve energy efficiency and prevent damage like wood rot. Crawlspace Depot has all the supplies you need to get the job done well and right. Visit our catalog for quality products that make it easy to protect and enjoy your home

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