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Where Does Moisture Come From In Your Home? How Dehumidifiers Can Help

Where Does Moisture Come From In Your Home? How Dehumidifiers Can Help

Posted by Admin on Jun 12th 2020

If you have moisture on the walls of your home or if the air in a home seems humid, then you might wonder where the moisture comes from so that you can protect a house from damage along with preventing illnesses. Here are some of the reasons why your home can have excessive amounts of moisture.

Reason 1: Leaks through a Basement's Foundation

When your home has a basement, it is easy for rainwater or snowmelt to leak through the cement walls. You can prevent this issue by waterproofing the walls and floors of the basement along with having proper drainage systems outside your home. By keeping a home's rain gutters clean, water from the roof will drain through the downspouts to keep the moisture away from the basement. This diffusion water contamination will make a home feel humid while also damaging the foundation of the home.

Reason 2: A Damaged Roof that Leaks

If your home's roof has damage, then water will leak through its materials to damage the wood frame and the drywall. The moisture will remain on these materials, leading to dampness inside a home, especially during the summer when the humidity increases. When the humidity is high, the moisture inside a home won't evaporate, leading to an uncomfortable feeling inside a home. The damp materials in the walls and ceilings can also lead to secondary damage from mold growth that will filter into the air inside your home.

Reason 3: Leaking Water Pipes or Plumbing Fixtures

When a home has leaking water pipes or plumbing fixtures, it will lead to moisture inside the ceiling or wall spaces. This dirty water can drip slowly for months or years before it is noticed. Signs of plumbing leaks include water spots on a house's drywall or wood paneling, and this can lead to mold damage. The insulation in the walls and ceilings will contain high levels of moisture that will evaporate slowly, making your home feel humid.

Reason 4: Sewer Backups into a Home

If the sewer lines back up into your home, then your house will have a moisture problem with a high humidity level. Sewage is a dangerous type of moisture that contains numerous pathogens that can make you ill. For this type of moisture damage, you need immediate remediation from experts who can provide industrial-strength dehumidification systems.

Reason 5: Natural Floods from Lakes or Rivers

A natural flood will make your home feel extremely humid, especially when the water enters your home. You should contact a water-damage company to have this type of water removed from your home with sump pumps. In addition, you will need to use dehumidifiers for several weeks to reduce the moisture in your home.

Importance of Dehumidifiers

If you have a humid home for any reason, then the installation of a permanent or a portable dehumidifier is essential. These devices work automatically to suction the moisture from the air in your home to prevent illnesses and to protect your home from damage.

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