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Crawl Space Dehumidifier

During the rainy season, your crawl space can hold gallons of water. If you don’t want to deal with possible mold growth, invest in a crawl space dehumidifier. The average dehumidifier can remove up to 70 pints of water every day. Check out the dehumidifiers on sale at Crawlspace Depot, which can help remove mold spores.

Moisture problems can become a serious issue, especially when in crawl spaces within the home. The presence of moisture can make mold grow, cause wood to rot, and make your house feel more humid than it should. Certain insects and bugs tend to be attracted to moisture, too. One way to avoid these issues is to install a crawl space dehumidifier. High-quality crawl space dehumidifiers may help prevent mold growth, minimize humidity inside your home, and lessen the amount of pests and bug infestation in your property.

Crawl space moisture usually comes from the outside air, low-grade foundation with poor drainage features, and rising-damp from the ground. Too much of it can lead to structural issues that might be expensive to repair. The mold growth due to crawl space moisture might make you and your family sick, too. Closing a crawl space is one of the ways to prevent moisture from thriving and eliminate certain issues, but if that is not possible for now, consider installing a crawl space dehumidifier. Also use in areas like your basement or your attic.

Check out Mega Dry CS-70 here at Crawlspace Depot. We believe that this product is one of the best dehumidifiers because it has the ability to remove up to 70 pints of water per day from a space that is up to 3,000 square feet wide. Mega Dry CS-70 is a highly efficient filter that can improve the air quality around your home by preventing further mold growth and removing mold spores. Crawlspace Depot is your one-stop source for closed crawlspace products. Call 888-331-9991 or explore this website for more information.

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