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Crawl Space Insulation

Is your energy bill rising for no reason? Are your HVAC units conking out? You might need to insulate your home to solve these problems. You can get all the tools that you need for crawl space insulation from Crawl Space Depot.

The crawl space is the unfinished yet accessible area found underneath the first floor of your home. It is either non-vented or vented. A vented crawlspace opens to the outside, and a non-vented crawlspace can be part of a basement. Crawl space insulation might be necessary, depending on several factors. Vented crawlspaces require insulation in the underfloor and the ceilings, and this can be done before or after the application of a sub-floor. On the other hand, the perimeter walls must be insulated in a non-vented crawlspace.

At large percent of the air that we breathe in our homes originate in the crawlspace. Hence, you need to make sure that the crawlspace is properly sealed and insulated to improve the quality of indoor air. A properly insulated and encapsulated crawlspace stays dry and is not conducive to mold growth. It may contribute to energy savings, too. Moisture in crawlspaces can contribute to humidity inside the home. This is why proper crawlspace insulation may help improve the temperature inside your house and make you less dependent on air-conditioning systems.

There are different kinds of insulation available online, like the products that you can find at Crawlspace Depot. We carry Bora-Foam, one of the best types of crawl space insulation we have discovered for closed or non-vented crawlspaces. Buy the borate-based product here at Crawlspace Depot. This product can deter termites and has been proven safe and non-corrosive. Call 888-331-9991 or learn more about it on this website.

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